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SRAM, EDO/FP-SD/SG-DDR DRAM, AMD comp., FLASH, OTP-Mask ROM, 2,4GHz CMOS Rx/Tx, Baseband Controller, MCU-Mix sig., SoC
Atmel Corporation
MARC4-, AVR-, 8051-, ARM7-, ARM9 based Controller, Flash, DataFlash(R), serail and parallel EEPROM, CPLDs, FPGAs, ASICs, Wireless Communication, Automotive ICs, Industrial Control, Multimedia
Hynix Semiconductor Hynix Semiconductor
SRAM, Pseudo SRAM, DRAM, DRAM-Modules, ARM7- Controller, LCD-Controller, Remote Controller, E-mail Protocol ICs, ASICs, Multimedia
Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe GmbH Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe GmbH
Flash, Mirror-Flash, Pseudo SRAM, Multi Chip Package, 8-Bit Controller, Flash-16-Bit Controller w/o CAN-Controller, 32-Bit Controller, Grafic Display Controller, Multimedia, ASICs
White Electronic Design Corporation White Electronic Design Corporation
High Densety Memory and Processor Modules, PCMCIA / ATA-Flash Cards, Ruggedized LCDs, Custom Multi Chip Modules, HiRel-Products
Holtek Semiconductor
Cost-Effective MCUs, LCD Type MCUs, A/D with LCD Type MCUs, USB Type MCUs, Dot Matrix LCD MCU Series
Hantronix Hantronix
LCD Character Displays, Monochrome and Color LCD Displays, Standard and COG Technolodgy, OLED Displays, Custom Displays
Mustang Memory GmbH Mustang Memory GmbH
Memory Modules, CompactFlash and SmartMedia Memory Cards
Ikendi Software AG Ikendi Software AG
Software modules for Fingerprint Enrolement and Recognition Eval Kits, Design In Kits
Pyramid Semiconductor
High Speed and Low Power SRAM for the Commercial, Industrial and Military market. Densities range up to 1MBit with speeds up to 8 ns
EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH
Enhanced Universal Real-time Operating System for several processors
Patriot Scientific Corporation Patriot Scientific Corporation
Ignite / 32-Bit ROSC-Controller as Standard part or as IP Core ideally suited for Java-Applications
Idencom AG Switzerland
High Speed Stand-Alone Fingerprint Identification DSP-Kit, BioKey@ SDK

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