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Viking ESD and technical furniture

VIKING is a special Russian developer of antistatic and technical furniture for all types of enterprises. Modular furniture is a combined system of different working elements picked for working out the goals and tasks of a certain company. Using the site http://viking-esd.com you can equip the workplace as you want to with online 3D Planner. There is also a special technical furniture configurator which is really easy to use to construct your own furniture with all necessary additions which can only be: different lighting panels, shelves, holders, cabinets and others. You can also choose the color of elements, version of modules and size to assemble perfect ESD furniture for your workspace. These constructors are necessary to avoid problems with workspace planning and to predict the location of each component in the work room. Using the attached instruction it is possible to assemble the furniture easily and quickly. VIKING furniture fits each type of workspace as it’s multifunctional and conceptual. Modular antistatic furniture is much better than usual one because you can combine all elements you need and it won ’t take much place, so it’s definitely easier to work.

Absolute benefits of modular furniture are following:

  • Its easy to assemble by oneself without any special additional instruments
  • A possibility to make up quite a number of different types of equipment
  • You can do local repairs using simple standard equipment one has in any workshop
  • Its very easy to transfer modular furnitureto a different position inside production area or to another manufacturing premises

On http://viking-esd.com it is also possible to order any elements you need and they will be done according to your wishes and requirements. Thus, most of the existing problems and difficulties with safety and comfort of employees will be solved.

Eye- opened benefits of ordering special elements:

  • Each element of workbench match the features of conditions
  • And company’s and employee’s needs. It means the workspace and
  • Work time will be used rationally and all of possible
  • Troubles and problems will be solved. Furthermore the furniture
  • Becomes much functional, so all company’s features will be satisfied.

With antistatic and technical furniture VIKING you can easily and quickly equip your workplace without unnecessary expenses and to increase the quality of manufacturing process.

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