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AAG - Automatizaciуn Aplicada a Gasolineras
  AAG is a proud Mexican Information Technology company that develops innovative solutions for customers worldwide. With headquarters in Querйtaro City, the company offers standard and custom Hardware/Software products based on Dallas Semiconductor's iButton technology. Our mission is to develop and deploy cost effective solutions using the iButton and other leading-edge technologies.  
Access Controls International
  Access Controls International is a leading security, access control and safety systems manufacturer.We offer a full line of single and multi door access control equipment based on iButton technology.  
ACR Systems, Inc.
  ACR offers a complete line of compact Information Loggers to measure and record temperature, relative humidity, electric current, pressure, process signals, pulse frequency, power quality and more.  
Acroprint Time Recorder, Inc.
  Acroprint sells the ARES III Watchman System, which is developed to aid the users of watchmen services, to efficiently program and supervise their guards activities.  
Acumen Data Systems, Inc.
  Acumen offers automatic data collection solutions for Inventory, Time and Attendance, Job Costing, Shop Floor and Production applications.  
  Integrator of AutoID systems in PERU.ADCC, S.A. is an affiliate of AMESOL. Please see AMESOL for all products and solutions.  
Advanced Entry, LLC
  Advanced Entry specializes in the design, installation and service of access control systems, electronic door locks and apartment intercoms.  
Agricultural Data Systems
  Uses iButtons to accurately and easily collect real-time data on Production, Time and Attendance, and Labor Efficiency.  
AMESOL Corporation
  Americas Solutions Corp., AMESOL, is your technological ally in bringing you systems integration and services in the automatic identification and data communication industry, in the Latin American market.  
Ann Arbor Sensor Systems, LLC
  An Innovative Company Pioneering in the Development of Plug & Play Sensor Technology.  
ASP Microcomputers
  iButton Time & Attendance Solutions along with iButton Portable Readers.  
Avdata Australia
  Avdata has developed a range of equipment includingTruckwash Controllers, iButton Read Heads, and iButton Key Mounts.  
AX-S biometrics Ltd.
  AX-S biometrics specialize in the integration of biometric recognition technologies with a wide range of application requirements.  
Az-Tech Software, Inc.
  Az-Tech uses the iButton for the secure storage of a unique ID.The software requires a validated ID to access the program or computer.  
Be-Tech Security Systems Ltd.
  Be-Tech is a manufacturer of iButton locks and security products that focus on innovation and excellence.  
Biocentric Solutions, Inc.
  Biocentric Solutions Inc. designs, develops and implements fingerprint biometric based hardware and software solutions for the corporate, law enforcement, healthcare and governmental markets.  
  Biosystems manufactures portable gas monitoring equipment and personal protection equipment.  
  BISS (Baltic Information & Security Systems) deals with computers as well as access control and security systems based on information technologies.  
Boleto Electronico
  Designer of Mass Transit Systems in Chile.  
Breakaway Systems LLC
  We are a team of scientists and engineers from the Superconducting Supercollider and private research who have a long record of working with classified and sensitive data.By combining training and experience from legal, military, commercial and research applications, the entire focus of our company is on data protection and cyber-security.  
Brooklyn Computer Systems - Canada
  Brooklyn Computer Systems Inc. (BCS) combines its computer and security expertise to develop innovative hardware and software tools for the security industry.  
Brooklyn Computer Systems - USA
  Brooklyn Computer Systems Inc. (BCS) combines its computer and security expertise to develop innovative hardware and software tools for the security industry.  
Cansec Systems Ltd.
  Cansec Systems is a manufacturer of stand-alone and PC-based access control systems and products.  
CardWare d.o.o.
  CardWare designs and manufactures time attendance and access control terminals based on iButtons.  
Cash Systemes Industrie
  CASH SYSTEMES INDUSTRIE designs POS systems for the hospitality, retail, and canteen markets.  
Casinovations, Inc.
  Casinovations, a subsidiary of VendingData.com™ currently offers a unique line of tracking and data collection technology for the gaming industry.  
CD Conceptsprl
  CD Concept specializes in custom electronic engineering of your projects from the idea to the final product.  
Centor Ltda
  Manufacturers of the ARES III Watchman System, which is developed to aid the users of watchmen services, to efficiently program and supervise their guards activities.  
Chengdu Shutu Tech. Co.,Ltd.
  Shutu develops iButton-based data management tools specifically for managing guards, patrol officers, watchmen, or other mobile security professionals.  
Chirson Ltd.
  Chirson Ltd is based in the UK and provides an innovative solution to protect Laptops and desktop PC’s from being accessed without authorization.  
CMMS Data Group Inc.
  The CMMS data group offers experience, strength, and expertise in the Capture, Control, and Comparison of CMMS data.  
  Integrator of AutoID systems in MEXICO.Compusep is an affiliate of AMESOL.Please see AMESOL for all products and solutions.  
  CONTRONICA builds and maintains fleet fueling systems for gas stations throughout Mexico.  
Contronics Automacao Ltda.
  Guard Tour Solutions for, controlling patrol officers, watchmen, and security professionals.  
Cooper Instrument Corporation
  Manufacturer of quality measurement instruments.  
Corby Industries, Inc.
  Manufacturers of complete Access Control Systems.  
CS Technologies
  CS Technologies manufactures a range of controllers, readers, electronic keys and access control management software.  
CS2, Inc
  Save time, money and increase productivity by utilizing CS2, Inc’s products and services that automate data collection in the mining, construction, transportation, materials handling, and service industries.  
  If you are managing and tracking people, tracking vehicle use, tracking machinery use, monitoring stock movement, recording client contact time, verifying maintenance, relying on security, guaranteeing cleaning, responsible for unsupervised workers, DAELIBS™ could be Keeping Track of Business for you!  
Dallas Industrial Data Inc.
  Dallas Industrial Data develops and manufactures systems for electronic traceability and control in manufacturing and distribution applications.  
Data Collection Technology
  Data Collection Technology (DCT) is a leading supplier of time keeping systems, providing sales, service and support on a nation-wide level.  
Deggy Corp.
  Manufacturer of Deggy Pen iButton reader and Deggy Guard Tour software.  
  Digilock manufactures iButton locks for lockers and cabinets that are ADA compliant.  
Digital Security Concepts, Inc.
  Digital Security Concepts Inc, is a reseller for Contronics and is a leading supplier of Data Collection and Information management solutions to the Security Services industry since 1989.  
  Technology consulting company that specializes in Palm powered software development and enterprise solutions.  
Dynasys Technologies, Inc.
  DYNASYS provides complete support for Dallas Semiconductor iButtons.  
  Complete Enterprise Asset Management Solutions.  
eDatamanage L.L.C.
  eDatamanage has created the EDM Application Builder®, a very flexible tool for building data collection solutions to address specific inspection or tracking needs.  
Elk Products
  ELK Products, Inc. designs and manufactures quality electronic equipment for the professional security alarm and home automation installer.  
Elucit, Inc.
  Elucit has developed proprietary technology, products, and services to monitor remote multiple-location processes in real-time.  
EMAX International, Inc.
  EMAX International Incorporated is a developer and manufacturer of POS (point-of-sale) equipment and systems.  
Escondido Development Corporation
  Manufacturer of the All-Weather iButton Door Reader.  
eSecure Peripherals
  eSecure Peripherals Inc. provides sophisticated computer users with the hardware and software to keep their data secure.  
ETA Automatizari Industriale SRL
  Our company, based in Romania, develops solutions based on 1-Wire products from Dallas Semiconductor.  
Exaktime, Inc.
  Exaktime was founded by a general contractor in Los Angeles, California who searched for years to find a way to keep track of his workers on multiple job sites with only one supervisor. After several years of development, the result was the Jobclock.Originally intended for the construction trades, the Jobclock system has been adopted by many industries as the gold standard for rugged, reliable time keeping.  
  Producer of the F-RAMS® bulk delivery and information management system, which controls all delivery operations & customer information for fuel delivery vehicles.  
Frontier Research Institute, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
  Frontier Research Institute of Tokyo Gas, the largest city gas supplier in Japan, was established in July 1986, aiming to enhance our fundamental technical basis along the company's important policies including boosting gas sales and starting up new businesses.  
GCI Communications, LLP
  GCI Communications integrates wireless data collection and iButton data collection with applications that incorporate touch screen hand-held computers into the mobile and industrial workforce.  
GEOIDE systиmes
  Manufacturer of Compact Flash peripherals.  
Gerobam SRL
  Gerobam has developed an Internet information system for pets called ChiPets.com.  
Gross-Given Mfg. - Automatic Products International, Ltd.
  Automatic Products International, Ltd. (APi) is the leading U. S. manufacturer of glassfront snack/candy, hot beverage, food/frozen and snack/can combination merchandisers for the worldwide vending market.  
  The HECON Quick-Key System is uses iButtons™ to allow for instant and foolproof access by an unlimited number of users and copiers.  
Henriksen 1-Wire
  Provider of 1-Wire Weather Station software.  
High Tech Software Solutions
  HighTech offers iButton and 1-Wire integration services to improve your business processes by integrating the most up to date technology in computers, electronics, and communications.  
HotButton Solutions Inc.
  HotButton is in the business of providing asset management and digital data capture solutions using microchips to permanently tag and identify each asset, digital, portable handheld readers to collect data remotely in the field, and a centralized database for managing the data and generating reports.  
  Development and production of access control systems.  
  i-netcontrol manufactures and sells a web-based industrial process controller and data acquisition system supporting Modbus I/O, a Modbus to 1-wire bus gateway, and numerous I/O sensors and actuators based on 1-wire interfaces.  
  Manufacturer of iButton related products.  
IDenticus Slovenija d.o.o.
  Handheld Products integrator for iButton solutions.  
iDEX Systems, Inc.
  iDEX creates sophisticated tools that empower businesses and individuals to secure the privacy of their online communications.  
ILI Technologies Corporation
  ILI Technologies Corp continues to focus on the development of high technology solutions that deliver innovative solutions, which improve business performance in the Oil and Gas Industry.  
In-Touch Solutions
  OEM solutions provider for iButton based projects.  
Infotronics International LLC
  Manufacturers of the iBracket iButton mounting device.  
Innitor AB
  Innitor is a software oriented company that develops customized IT security solutions and standard packages based on iButtons.  
Innovative Picking Technologies, Inc.
  Innovative Picking Technologies, Inc. (IPTI) provides turn key paperless order fulfillment systems utilizing iButtons to track trays for automated conveyor sortation.  
INTAB Interface-Teknik AB
  INTAB has developed a Windows based software package for data acquisition and evaluation. The software can read many data loggers including the Thermochron iButton.  
  iRevo,Inc. is a company in pursuit of revolutionizing the modern lifestyles of today, and creativity is the tool we use in our problem solving methods.  
  IRSIT is an IT company that specializes in iButton integration in Tunisia.  
Janus SRL
  JANUS srl is a R&D electronic design lab. We design custom projects for industry and home application.  
Kaba Mas Corporation
  Kaba Mas is the world's leading safe lock manufacturer.  
Kanes Distributing Ltd.
  Manufacturer of Electronic Vending Machines that accept iButtons for eCash applications.  
  Keyonix develops golf cart accountability systems.  
KeyPer Systems
  Manufactures of Key Control Systems.  
  KeyTrak is the world leader in computerized key control and the key to tracking assets...everything from vehicle and apartment keys and security badges to jewelry and prison keys.  
  KOOLTRAK temperature logging systems are the most modern and sophisticated available, and combine compact and reliable loggers with state-of-the-art software.  
Locknetics Security Engineering
  LOCKNETICS..... defining, designing, engineering and manufacturing security products and system for thirty years.  
MBL Technologies
  MBL Technologies is an Engineering company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets hardware for the Dallas Touch Memory Technology and for the general electronics industry.  
MEGASET Systemtechnik
  Producer and Distributor of Automatic Data collection and Identification Components (ADIC).  
Micronet Ltd.
  Micronet develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of custom and off-the-shelf terminals used in a variety of data collection systems.  
Midwest Computer Register Corporation
  MID:COM is an innovative leader and manufacturer of electronic meter registers and accessories for all types of flowmeters, including positive displacement, mass, and turbine.  
Minec Systems AB
  Minec manufactures the Memor2000 hand-held computer for data collection applications.  
MJ Software Solutions
  MJ Software Solution established in 1998 is leading end-to-end technology solution provider, our company focuses on development and delivery of various technology solutions to our customers. We provide various software, hardware, embedded and token-based solutions to various vertical industries to meet their specific needs.  
  Designer and manufacturer of access control devices, individual and apartment door-phones and video door-phones, magnetic door locks, and iButton controllers.  
MRI of Texas
  Manufacturer of iButton Rings and Digital Jewelry.  
NOGEMA Ingenierie
  Since its creation, NOGEMA has developed many innovative products that utilize iButton technology.  
Novus Security Systems
  NOVUS provides network based enterprise access control solutions.  
Olitronic GmbH
  Olitronic GmbH, a small Swiss engineering firm started in 1993, develops custom analog and digital hardware, along with accompanying software, for microcontrollers. One of their most important products are their magnetic readers and electronic keys, based on the iButton.  
ONE PLUS Corporation
  ONE PLUS, established in 1989, is based upon 45 years of solid experience in the field of sensors and allied products. It has become a leader in the field of monitoring and control of industrial waste compactors.  
OnSolution Pty. Ltd.
  Developer of eTemperature Temperature logging software for the Thermochron as well as customized software solutions.  
Paradyme Logistic Controls, Inc.
  Access Control Systems.  
Paras SmarTech Ltd.
  Ideally located in Bangalore, the Software Capital of India, PSTL has expertise in the design and development of specialized applications employing iButton Technology.  
Photologic Ltd.
  Manufacturer ofprinter interface for iButtons.  
PI Electronique
  PI Electronique offers a full line of Point of Sale terminals and software for hospitality, cantinas, and retail applications.  
Point Six, Inc.
  Point Six designs and manufactures high performance, cost effective, iButton and 1-wire products with an emphasis on wireless networking technology.  
Politeknik Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti.
  Established in 1988, Politeknik is an engineering company that excels in iButton integration for many applications from Access Control to eCash.  
Process & Technology Solutions
  Process and Technology Solutions was formed to assist our customers in developing and implementing solutions, both through process improvement and advanced technology.  
Proges Plus
  Proges-Plus designs and installs complete solutions for the Information Management industry.  
R.E.B. Software Technology
  R.E.B. specializes inSecurity Guard Tour Tracking Systems maximizing iButton technology.  
  Manufactures of digital meter readers that use iButton technology.  
RDI Electronic SA
  RDI are consultants and integrators for control and security application using iButton technology.With over 10 years of experience, RDI is considered a leader in iButton technology in Europe.  
Recourse Technologies
  Recourse Technologies™ Inc., located in Redwood City, California, is the leading provider of threat management solutions. The company provides security software products to contain, control, and respond to both known and novel threats and denial of service attacks.  
Representaciones Roma S.A.
  Representaciones Roma S.A., established in 1978, supplies solutions in the fields of weighing, packaging, data acquisition, process control, and automation taking advantage of our skills in electronics, mechanics, and computing science.  
Resser Industries S.A de C.V.
  Resser designs and produces several lines of electronic car alarms, remote-control alarms, immobilizer systems, satellite-activated devices, stolen-car recuperation systems and a complete variety of accessories.  
Revolution Education Ltd.
  Revolution Education Ltd. is a design consulting firm specializing in providing custom micro-controller and software solutions for commercial and educational applications.  
ROSO Electric Supply
  1-Wire Integrator and Thermochron Software provider.  
Rosslare Enterprises Ltd.
  Manufacturers of the DigiTool Data Acqusition System.  
Scanning Devices, Inc.
  Scanning Devices has designed a family of iButton adapters and development tools for the Palm line of hand held computers.  
Schlage Lock Company
  Manufacturer of security and keying solutions.  
  SEAcurity is a leading provider of token-based Single Sign On solutions.  
Segway, LLC.
  Segway LLC is a Manchester, NH, based business founded by renowned inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen to transform the way people work and live.  
Sentri Systems
  Sentri designs and manufactures a Hi Tech and Industrial range of Time & Attendance and Access Control terminals.  
Sesam GmbH
  Sesam is a German manufacturer of iButton Access Control Systems.  
  Originally founded in 1974 to refurbish computer media, ribbons and tape, Shockwatch a division of Shockwatch (MR) has grown to become the world leader in shock, temperature, humidity, impact and angular monitoring products.  
  SiteSecurityNetwork.com provides real-time Internet-ready software applications utilizing iButtons.  
SKAND Limited
  SKAND Limited is an innovative team with many years of commercial experience in programming and implementing systems using hand held computers.  
Solsis Ltda.
  Solsis has developed a line of networked temperature monitoring products for monitoring temperature inside buildings.  
  SourceForge.net is the world's largest Open Source software development website, with the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet. SourceForge.net provides free services to Open Source developers.  
StrongAuth, Inc.
  StrongAuth, Inc. is a Network Identity Management service provider; it provides tightly-integrated hardware, software and service solutions to address authentication & authorization management security issues.  
Svane Electronic
  Danish manufacturer of access control systems and iButton readers.  
Systor Vest AS
  Software development company that integrates iButtons with existing procedures, quality control systems, and databases. We also have experience with iButtons in embedded solutions.  
TEC America Inc.
  TEC America, Inc., is a leading supplier of retail information systems and equipment, including electronic cash registers (ECRs), point-of-sale (POS) systems, direct and thermal transfer printers, and electronic scales.  
Tecno-Accion S.A.
  Tecno Acciуn is a service company that acts as its customers’ technological partner. Our greatest asset is the ability to analyze and understand situations and problems that need solving.  
TEK Industries, Inc.
  TEK Industries designs and develops custom handheld computers for industrial controls, data collection and telecommunications.  
Texas Weather Instruments, Inc.
  Texas Weather Instruments (TWI) Manufactures a complete line of weather stations which can include, anemometer, humidity, temperature, solar radiation, rain, barometric pressure, lightning,leaf wetness sensors and wireless weather stations.  
The Best Security
  At The Best Security our business is about preventing identity theft through strong authentication and privacy. We help companies build secure trusted authentication systems for e-business through our two-factor authentication products, using encryption and public key management systems.  
The Poultry Technology Group
  Our Goal is Simple: Provide Proven, Cost Effective Solutions for the Food Processing Industry. We provide Turn Key systems that enable you to track everything from Bones, Temperatures, Humidity, Defects and Daily Productivity and Yield Information.  
Thermodata Pty. Ltd.
  Developer of integrated temperature logging solutions.  
Time Equipment Corp.
  Time Equipment specializes in developing software that integrates with existing established hardware manufacturers in the area of guard tour systems.  
TimeKeeping Systems, Inc.
  TimeKeeping Systems designs and develops unique hardware and software tools to assure comprehensive guard tours and log patrols for automatic record keeping and billing in the security industry.  
TimePilot Corporation
  Manufacturer of time and attendance systems.  
  TISCOR's systems deliver compliance driven, turn-key solutions that address specific inspection and maintenance needs. Several of the systems assist in proving compliance with OSHA, NFPA, JCAHO, DOT, FDA, and other regulatory agencies.  
  TOMST develops various iButton solutions including super durable iButton readers, guard tour systems and access control systems.  
Total Plant Control Australia Pty. Ltd.
  Total Plant Control offers applications that use iButtons for Inspection, Maintenance, and Job Verification applications.  
Tower Technologies s.r.l.
  TowerTech product line ranges from hardware expansions to software solutions for enterprise-class customers and each product has margin for customer-specific customization.  
Trax Systems
  Trax Systems, for many years, has been involved in the automotive security market. From 1997, the company devoted its attentions to designing and marketing vehicle and driver monitoring and tracking devices.  
UCA, Inc.
  UCA has developed three standalone lock product lines based on iButton technology.  
  Vectron Systems AG specializes in the production and sale of intelligent POS systems and communication software for the retail and hospitality industries.  
Videx, Inc.
  Videx manufactures portable data collection and access control products that read and write to iButtons.  
WPB Participaзхes Acionбrias E Comйrcio Ltda.
  WPB is a private company in the parking business that manufactures parking meters using iButton technology. We are also developing other access control products, aimed at the public transportation market.  
Zone Empire
  P&C Micro's, under the global title of 'The Zone Empire', manufactures a range of Laser Game Systems for clients in the entertainment industry.  

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